Multidisciplinary strategic consulting for large companies and institutions

  • Marketing intelligence
  • Management consulting
  • National and international digital positioning
  • UX research & development
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity strategies
  • Strategic and operational sales promotion
  • Business relations with the institutional customers
  • European affairs consulting
  • Human Resources strategy
  • Outbreak strategic response plan
  • (New) Business Development
  • Strategic acquisitions
  • Real estate investment and management strategies
  • Technical and IT development intelligence


Rebound interrupted as resurgence of pandemic deepens uncertainty

The coronavirus pandemic represents a very large shock for the global and EU economies, with very severe economic and social consequences. Economic activity in Europe suffered a severe shock in the first half of the year and rebounded strongly in the third quarter as containment measures were gradually lifted. However, the resurgence of the pandemic …

EESC calls for digitalisation of mining to enhance the resilience of European industrial supply chains

Securing sustainable access to raw materials, including metals, industrial minerals and construction raw materials, and particularly critical raw materials (CRM), is of huge importance to the European economy, where at least 30 million jobs depend on the availability of raw materials. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting the importance of digital transformation. At its September …


About ‘Nuyts Professional’ for large companies and institutions

  • More than 20 years experience in the proposed professional skills
  • Specialized in the B2B and the B2G
  • Active in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain
  • Spoken languages : English, French, Dutch and Spanish
  • Multidisciplinary global support
  • Full commitment and confidentiality in our missions
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