List of the CPV codes beginning with 73 : 2nd level
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73000000-2 Research and development services and related consultancy services.
73100000-3 Research and experimental development services.
73110000-6 Research services.
73111000-3 Research laboratory services.
73112000-0 Marine research services.
73120000-9 Experimental development services.
73200000-4 Research and development consultancy services.
73210000-7 Research consultancy services.
73220000-0 Development consultancy services.
73300000-5 Design and execution of research and development.
73400000-6 Research and Development services on security and defence materials.
73410000-9 Military Research & Technology.
73420000-2 Pre-feasibility study & technological demonstration.
73421000-9 Development of security equipment.
73422000-6 Development of firearms and ammunition.
73423000-3 Development of military vehicles.
73424000-0 Development of warships.
73425000-7 Development of military aircrafts, missiles and spacecrafts.
73426000-4 Development of military electronic systems.
73430000-5 Test and Evaluation.
73431000-2 Test and Evaluation of security equipment.
73432000-9 Test and Evaluation of firearms and ammunition.
73433000-6 Test and Evaluation of military vehicles.
73434000-3 Test and Evaluation of warships.
73435000-0 Test and Evaluation of military aircrafts, missiles and spacecrafts.
73436000-7 Test and Evaluation of military electronic systems.